Episode 4: Heavy Metal PastorListen now (58 min) | Pastor Bismik shares his story about becoming the pastor of VR Church Europe
Episode 3: The White MageListen now (54 min) | Pastor Koko shares her story as pastor of Final Fantasy 14 Online
Episode 2: The TheologianListen now (55 min) | Pastor Zach from VR Church shares his story
Episode 1: VR Church OriginsListen now (54 min) | Bishop D.J. Soto talks about the origins of VR Church
VR is the best way to experience the metaverse
If you don't have time to read anything else, read the last one.
(Video) The Mindset of Metaverse MinistryWatch now (1 min) | It's time for a paradigm shift.
Web3 compels us to re-evaluate our theology
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The Future of the Church is the Metaverse